Enrique Rincón Canaan has specialized in the composition of ambient electronic music with Venezuelan ethnic for dance, theater and cinema that began in 1995 with the composition of incidental music for a choreography by Yazmín Villavicencio for the Compañía Danza Contemporánea de Maracaibo, titled “Lucia”.

Between 1995 and 2016 he composed 17 works:

Contemporary Dance: for the Companies of Contemporary Dance of Maracaibo, DANZA LUZ and Tente Empie Danza Teatro.
In 2011 he composed the music for the movie “La Niña de Maracaibo” by Miguel Curiel.
For Theater Companies Comedia del Lago and Accion Creativa.

Most of the pieces emphasize the strong use of electronic sounds (manipulated to the “musique concrete” or not) and sounds, ethnic loops of indigenous Venezuelan flutes and songs, as well as Afro-Venezuelan drums. The creations are essentially instrumental.